Automating Production Reporting
Across Two Software Platforms

for Seattle’s Iconic Box Lunch and Catering Provider Gourmondo

Consolidating the data to speed reporting and reduce errors.

Enter Rivet Hammer.

When we first met with Gourmondo to review their report-generation system, we were blown away by the ingenuity it required to manage a very manual Excel process.

We also quickly saw that we had an opportunity to make a big difference for the business.

Here’s what we did.

First, we built a software solution that connected Monkey Media’s API and Caterease’s local SQL data feed to automatically gather all of the company’s data into an intuitive production-reporting dashboard.

Gourmondo’s orders can now be consolidated in up to thirteen intuitive production reports, and four labels that can be printed on demand.

Next, we built a batch reporting system to allow for rapid report generation at critical times during the day. Gourmondo staff can now generate an entire set of reports with a single click.

Finally, we created a new user interface. The new UI lets users manage accounts and track report history. Both standard users and admins can be assigned with unique rights for each account type. And every account is password protected with a unique User ID.

The history page shows the time and date of all reports and labels generated so that staff avoids duplication of effort and can run new reports if additional orders have been added.

New reports in minutes

Now the reports that used to take all evening to generate can be created in minutes.

Gourmondo generates Excel reports and PDFs on-demand, saving the company hours of frustration, improving production accuracy, and allowing the kitchen crew to get home in time to pick their kids up from school.

Which is one delicious ROI.

Tech specs

Here are the technologies we used to create Gourmondo's reporting solution.

Front end user interface

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • VueJS 2
  • Laravel Blade

Back end database, logic and queries

  • Laravel (PHP framework)
  • Monkey, Caterease ODBC connection
  • MongoDB (Database)

Server configuration

  • CentOS
  • PHP
  • MongoDB

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