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Bobby Heyer, Founder and CEO of fast-growing Capelli’s Gentlemen’s Barbershops, wanted to re-imagine the entire retail experience.

Rivet Hammer built an end-to-end technology stack covering backend, web and mobile. This gave Capelli’s access to deep customer data and business analytics to drive growth, a subscription platform for recurring and predictable revenue and a frictionless beacon-driven check in and payment experience to delight their customers.     |     Case Study


Sales at the beloved Seattle caterer and box-lunch provider Gourmondo were terrific, but the manual process the business was using to produce daily production reports was so clunky it was putting a drag on company expansion.

Rivet Hammer built a solution that connected the company’s two disparate software systems, consolidating data into an easy-to-use reporting dashboard. Now, the Gourmondo crew can produce reports on-demand, saving hours of hassle while boosting production accuracy.     |     Case Study


If you have a digital product idea and need a proven partner to work closely with you and your team from idea to product, we can make it happen. We’re a team of designers, database engineers, web and mobile developers, inbound marketing technicians, and project managers that love building and shipping beautiful data-driven products.


Design goes beyond what a product looks like, it’s how it works. We build intuitive interfaces that delight customers.


Get custom software products and services engineered to fit your business and customer goals.

Product Strategy

Every company has a story to tell at every point of interaction. We’ll help you develop a product strategy that is authentic, engaging, and clear.


We're veteran business people, too, so we understand the challenges you face.


Ideas are easy. Execution is hard. We take your ideas and turn them into digital products and services that are simple, intuitive and beautifully designed.

Our product and marketing teams work together with clients under an agile, iterative design and development process.

We put a massive amount of thought and effort into creating solutions that just work. We’re a group of smart people, applying lean methodology and an insatiable lust for creativity to build spectacular products and compelling marketing.


At Rivet Hammer, we love designing, building and scaling digital products. We are a diverse virtual team spread across several continents unified by a single desire to innovate and build products that make a dent in the universe. We look for collaborative partnerships where we know our strategy, design and product expertise can significantly move the needle.

With Rivet Hammer, you’ll get:

  • Business savvy: We’re a team of experienced entrepreneurs, so we understand your side of the business.
  • Deep tech chops: We deliver custom web- and mobile-development, integration and APIs, cloud based SaaS applications, data-driven product analytics and more.
  • An agile team with big experience. We’ll create product solutions tailored to your business – and we’ll iterate fast.
  • Product innovation: We bring a unique view to what’s possible and help make your competitors very, very nervous.


  • We’ve founded and exited successful telecom, technology, SaaS and publishing companies.
  • We’ve built sites and digital products for startups in technology, retail and aviation.
  • We deliver the right product to the right target customer by focusing on designing for user experience using agile development and continuous product integration.
  • We’ve reimagined the retail experience by designing and implementing an automated retail check-in process using BLE beacons.
  • We work closely with your technical team or become your technical team.
  • We believe you have to overdeliver for your customers.

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Seattle, Washington & The World

We love working with people who want to make a dent in the world. If you are passionate about your project and want to work with a team that will fully dive in with you to deliver a brilliant outcome, we’d love to hear from you. We are selective with the projects we take on so we can devote focused headspace to the people and projects we love and know we can make a impact.